Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our feudal future

Friedrich von Blowhard points out that Wall Street is just about to turn America into a Third World financial oligarchy.

Well, the DEA is trying to start a massive new program of regulations that would ban most doctors from prescribing extended-release controlled substances.**

If this program is approved, I reckon it will give a substantial revenue boost to the DEA's pet Mexican drug oligarchs, by reducing market competition for their expensive black market products.

We care because the drug oligarchs' insurgency, indirectly funded by the DEA apparat, is giving northern Mexico the rough equivalent of a 9-11 attack every three months. The insurgency already operates openly in many American cities, carefully ignored by politicians who are in the pay of the "undocumented immigrant" caucus. For instance, the LA suburb of Compton and its neighbors are experiencing black flight## as the insurgency's violence exceeds what even black gangbangers are willing to tolerate. Phoenix, AZ has achieved the distinction of being runner up in the competition for kidnapping capital of the world (the winner is Mexico City), where the insurgency ransoms and decapitates almost with impunity.

In the long run, this situation is untenable and will stop. In the short term, it is likely to turn into open warfare, with bombings and widespread banditry.

It is not unlikely that within five years, the American Southwest could become occupied territory, with martial law, curfews, checkpoints for internal passports, and so forth.

And that is one of the better scenarios. If the 10th Amendment/secession movement takes hold before the insurgency ripens and bombings start making the evening news, it is likely the Army will intervene against those evil racist secessionists, giving us a double insurgency and civil war. (A real civil war, fought to annihilate the opposition, not a mere war between the states.)

**Contrary to what they say, extended-release formulations are generally safer than their immediate release counterparts, because during an overdose they give the human body time to desensitize and compensate. You can live through quite a bit of poisoning as long as the full dose doesn't hit your bloodstream within a few minutes. Yes, some people are killed by misusing these formulations, but that's because thrill seekers and junkies are substituting the extended release drugs for much more expensive black market product. The historical evidence shows that such people kill themselves at an appalling rate no matter the context; by and large, the only thing society can affect is how much they spend on their way out.

##Black flight! You know the shit has gotten crazy when the negroes haul ass. In fact, looking around the world, that is a pretty good litmus test for the question "Does civil government exist at these grid coordinates?"

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