Thursday, November 13, 2008

Toss 'em back, God will know his own.

ShrinkWrapped talks about a journalist who had the misfortune to mention the Trig Palin abortion sentiments in public.

Barone's comment was not "much too close to the truth", it was the truth. I was flabbergasted to see numerous people writing about how giving birth to Trig was unfair and immoral, to the gleeful approval of other lefties. And it wasn't couched in elliptical or insinuating terms, people were coming right out and saying he should have been aborted to prevent his suffering, or so that society would not be burdened with a useless eater. For a moment the mask slipped and we saw their true ethos of tolerance and acceptance: certain people are disposable. It was no lesson from a dusty history book or a wry Vonnegut story—the door of the eugenics oven stood open and we could feel the heat.

It opened my eyes about something that had been a mystery to me: Why does the Left Reich have such a violent, reactive hatred of IQ tests? Because, according to their ethos, if there existed a group of people with an average IQ of 70, there would be nothing to do but plow them under as fertilizer. And that must not be said out loud.

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