Thursday, November 20, 2008

Congressional immunity: blessing or plague?

Firehand thinks that Congressional immunity from extra-Congressional prosecution is a bad idea.

Utter bastard though he might be, Murtha is exactly right about immunity: if lawmakers can be prosecuted at will, then the faction with the sleaziest lawyers can make them write whatever laws they want, and we will be ruled from the shadows. The FBI and DEA are nearly as good at blackmail as the Stasi was, and if they start routinely using those techniques on senators, then the final death of the Republic will be at hand. It is by far the lesser evil to let a few of The Elect get away with retail crime for a few years, and vote them out in due course. The Founders designed a large Congress with immunity and frequent elections for exactly this reason.

Damn the country club Republicans for setting this wolf loose with their perpetual legal campaign against the Clinton administration. The professional ass-clowns would never have figured out how to do it on their own if Gingrich's misguided children had not written a how-to manual and rubbed their noses in it for eight long years.

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