Monday, November 07, 2005

Paris, the city of lovers, is glowing...

True, that's because it's on fire, but still... *

Fortunately the New York Times is on top of the story:

"The corrosive gap between America's whites and its racial minorities, especially African-Americans, is the product of centuries: slavery, followed by cycles of poverty and racial exclusion that denied generation after generation the best the United States could offer. France, on the other hand, is only beginning to struggle with a much newer variant of the same problem: the fury of Muslims of North African descent who have found themselves caught for three generations in a trap of ethnic and religious discrimination."
Note the semantics of victimhood. Trap. Exclusion. Denied. Caught. Discrimination. Underclass.

Not their fault, those nasty Frenchmen dragged their parents to Paris, kept them from seeking out education, forced them to sit around and be angry, made them worship in tatty secondhand mosques. We hates France! Nasty France! We hates it forever!

Meanwhile Aunty Beeb had a story, since quietly altered, tugging your heart strings about the two young boys heartlessly electrocuted. In reality they were nearly-grown men (15 and 17) fleeing police pursuit, who hadn't the sense not to play in the electricity. You know, lads, that's why that big fence with the warning signs and lightning bolt icon is there. That loud hum is the sound of nasty death. Of course, "young boys" can't be expected to know about these things.

To everything
    spin spin spin
There is a slant
    spin spin spin
And a lie for every purpose
Under heaven

*Title lyrics from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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